If you receive a faulty product we will repair it or replace it. If this is not possible we will credit your account or refund your money.

While most of our items are covered by our guarantee, some items are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty*.

Where the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 ("Act") applies:

If the goods are acquired by you for business purposes you agree that the Act does not apply. If you on-supply goods you must:

  • Do so on the basis that the Act does not apply where the goods are on-supplied for business purposes; and
  • Notify consumers that neither we nor any manufacturer undertake that repair facilities or spare parts will be available.
  • You acknowledge that no Express Guarantees (as defined in the Act) are provided.
  • If a claim is made directly against us by a consumer under the Act then you will refund to us the amount of any damages (up to the value of the margin you made on the goods in question) we are required to pay to that consumer under the Act.
  • Nothing in these terms is intended to have the effect of contracting out of the provisions of the Act except to the extent permitted by the Act.
  • Except as otherwise required or prevented by law or except as expressly provided under these terms, we are not liable for any claim in relation to any goods we supply to you (including as a result of negligence or otherwise) and all representations, guarantees, warranties and terms of whatever nature (including fitness for purpose) are completely excluded.


* Repairs & Replacements

We do not undertake that repair facilities and parts will be available for the goods. We will not be liable to repair or replace any defective goods and at our own discretion we may:

  • notify the manufacturer of the goods of any defect notified by you; and
  • request the manufacturer to repair or replace any defective goods.